It's officially Christmas season! Why's that, you say? Because a touching new John Lewis advert has arrived giving us all the feels with a balladic cover of Oasis hit 'Half the World Away' by Aurora Aksnes. We are literally crying our eyes out.

AuroraWe can't get enough of Aurora's rendition of 'Half The World Away'

Why do you do this to us, John Lewis? This year's Christmas advert features a little girl with a telescope who spies a lonely old man living on the moon staring wistfully at the Earth. Try as she might, she's unable to send a message of comfort to him - that is until Christmas day when a gift floats over to the man attached to some balloons. He discovers his own telescope in the package and easily finds the little girl through the lens. A tear drips down his cheek as she happily waves at him and our own eyes well up like never before.

The video would be nothing without the unbelievably appropriate song choice, though. 'Half The World Away' never exactly overwhelmed us with emotion when Noel Gallagher sang it; it was just another insanely catchy sing-a-long tune that soon just became synonymous with BBC sitcom 'The Royle Family' when it became the theme tune.

Watch the John Lewis 2015 Christmas advert here:

But 19-year-old newcomer Aurora Aksnes - who has become the youngest ever singer to feature in a John Lewis ad - has given it a whole new lease of life, breathing into it (quite literally) the heart and soul of Christmas with minimalist piano, and slow echoing vocals that are just spine-tinglingly flawless. The Norwegian singer-songwriter was first recognised earlier this year for her Decca Records single 'Runaway', attracted the attention of Katy Perry, and even got involved with the soundtrack of FIFA 16 following the release of her EP 'Running with the Wolves'.

'It's really wonderful to be a part of this year's John Lewis commercial. I absolutely adore Christmas!' Says Aurora. 'I've been preparing my Christmas spirit since March, so it's been lovely working on a Christmas advertisement during the last weeks. 'Show someone they're loved at Christmas', it's a beautiful message and an important reminder.'

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Of course, not everyone's in love with this angelic-voiced newcomer; many Oasis fans are throwing all manner of toys out of their prams, insisting that the songstress has 'ruined' the song. Y'know, instead of seeing the meaning behind its usage and the importance of thinking of our lonely elders at this special time of year.

Previous songs used by John Lewis include last year's 'Real Love' (a John Lennon song performed by Tom Odell), 2013's 'Somewhere Only We Know' which saw Lily Allen cover Keane, and certainly not forgetting Paloma Faith's charming rendition of INXS' 'Never Tear Us Apart' in 2012. 

Aurora's debut album 'Winter Bird' is due for release in February 2016.