The To Do List might not be gaining momentum with critics, but it isn’t for a lack of realism, to be sure. The cast and production team of the racy teenage comedy sat down for a chat with The Hollywood Reporter recently and they had a lot to say about their sexy (or not so much) past. Aubrey Plaza, who plays the film’s goody-goody protagonist, shared that her real-life family was remarkably similar to her on-screen one – in their prudishness, at least.

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"We weren't like a sex-y family," she says. "We weren't like talking about sex. I think one time my mom whispered, 'Be careful,' like when we were on the general topic."

Despite her parents’ hangups, however, Brandy, Plaza’s alter ego in the film, takes her Type A, analytical approach and applies it to sexyal experiences – some would argue that this is unrealistic and crude, but Plaza herself can certainly identify with the character.

Aubrey Plaza, The To Do List Premiere
Real life Plaza is as far from an awkward teenager as you can get.

"I was really into organized activities. I was a good teenager," she tells THR. "I went through one witchy Fiona Apple phase, where I think for a hot second I was like, 'I'm going to be that person.'"

Clearly, Brandy’s situation, even though it’s taken to a very unlikely extreme, is the stuff of real teenage life. Bill Hader, who also has a major part in the film, says he can definitely relate to the teenage urge for reinvention: "I can relate to that, especially in high school. I had a lot of, not pressure, but growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be into sports. And I liked sports, but I wasn't very good at them."

Well, wanting to be on the baseball team isn’t exactly the same as making a To Do List of sex acts, but you get the general idea.

Aubrey Plaza, The To Do List Premiere
But there was once a time, not so long ago...