A few bit parts here and there and a biggie in Parks & Rec – after years as a supporting actress, it looks like Aubrey Plaza is finally making her big debut. She created a bit of buzz with her recent interview and photo spread (both fascinating) in GQ.

Watch The To Do List trailer below.

“I guess I think it's better to go out there and do something interesting than to just do what everybody expects,” she says in that interview and apparently lives by that mantra. Known for her deadpan humor and killer (that might actually be literal) stare, you wouldn’t expect Plaza to take on the role of a Type A nutjob, who decides to go on a sexual escapade before college and goes absolutely mental, along with her best friend. Or would you?

Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, The To Do List Premiere
Plaza and co-star Rachel Bilson at The To Do List premiere.

Check out more pictures from the premiere here.

While it’s too early to count on any reviews for The To Do List (it just premiered this Tuesday), Plaza’s description of her favorite scene in the movie does explain quite a lot: “I liked angrily masturbating. I say my own name, which you kind of think could be hot in a way, but it doesn't come off that way. I'm like, 'C'mon, Brandy. You got this, Brandy.' But I have two hands up my vagina and I'm just staring, and I'm wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt.”

Yes, it’s that kind of movie. Apparently, it’ll be love-it-or-hate-it for most people. However, we dare say that if Aubrey Plaza is in it, love is much more likely.

Aubrey Plaza, The To Do List Premiere
Obviously, Plaza's star is on the rise.