Aubrey Plaza freaked out Robert De Niro when the pair starred in 'Dirty Grandpa'.

The 38-year-old actress played Lenore in the 2016 comedy film and revealed that she stayed truly committed to her character, who wanted to make love with De Niro's alter ego Dick.

Speaking at the London Film Festival, Aubrey said of the legendary actor: "I didn't really have a relationship with him off camera because he's him.

"I didn't have time to get to know him, he shows up in a puff of smoke and there's no chatting at the water cooler."

The 'Black Bear' star continued: "By the time he'd show up, I'm in character. My character had one goal: To have sex with him. I was acting totally insane as the character because we were about to shoot. I don't think he understood that wasn't me. You'd think he would because he's an actor and an amazing one."

Plaza revealed that the 'Raging Bull' star hosted a lunch later in the shoot and didn't recognise her as she was no longer in character.

She recalled: "I showed up and he's like, 'Who are you sweetheart?' and after that he was normal. At first I think I came on really strong. I did some questionable things I wouldn't do anymore."

Aubrey has produced a number of her movies and embraces having creative control over a project.

She said: "I want my opinion to matter contractually – and the fun of it is having control over the parts I get to play. I have really great ideas. It's nice to get to change the final product and have an effect on it, and I'm just not the kind of person who waits around for the perfect thing to fall into my lap."