Review of Grateful Single by Au Revoir Simone

Review of Au Revoir Simone's single Grateful

Au Revoir Simone Grateful Single

The single 'Grateful' from the Still Night, Still Light album of Au Revoir Simone (Moshi Moshi Records) is a simple and mellow track yet oozes sublime qualities. The hypnotic rhythm of the drum sampler coupled with the warm organ provides the perfect backdrop for the delicate yet reassuring vocals.

'Grateful' is like one of those tracks you find on a chill-out compilation type album that you were sure would be a good purchase, which provides you with a feeling of achievement and contentment in actually buying an otherwise nondescript CD

If you are a fan of Zero 7, Muki or Air, then you will appreciate the work of Brooklyn's Au Revoir Simone.

Pablo Roffey

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