Review of Late Night Sunshine Single by Attic Lights

Review of Attic Lights' single 'Late Night Sunshine'

Attic Lights Late Night Sunshine Single

Glaswegian five-piece Attic Lights are set to continue the strand of popular harmonising bands that probably started with the likes of The Beach Boys. What will be hard for Attic Lights is that many people will compare them to The Beach Boys and it is a high standard to be compared against.

'Late Night Sunshine' is the new single to come from Attic Lights and does not disappoint with this intoxicating sound. 'Late Night Sunshine' seems like something lifted straight out of back catalogue from Ash. The vocals on this seem so clean and the harmonies hit perfection. The only downside is that you just want that little bit more, the track tends to stay in a comfort zone as does just sound the same all the way through.


Mark Moore

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