Review of Long Live Album by Atreyu

Coming off a four year hiatus since 2011, Atreyu is finally hitting the music scene again. With the fittingly named album 'Long Live' set to be released this month, it's sure to make new and old fans happy, while surely picking up some even newer ones along the way. 

Atreyu Long Live Album

For those old school supporters out there, there is certain nostalgia to these songs and you might find yourself double checking which album you are listening to. The loud, fast and intense guitar riffs we have come to expect in Atreyu's music are ever-present in 'Long Live', and the hard and heavy, prominent drums do not disappoint. Combine this with the complementary trade-off between screaming and melodic vocals, and you have a recipe for some fan pleasing music.

With songs like 'A Bitter Broken Memory', 'Do You Know Who You Are' and 'Reckless', 'Long Live' is brimming with mood-enhancements and incite personal connections with listeners. Whether you are having a bad day and looking for a pick me up, or going to the gym and need motivation to keep at it, this album will likely sneak its way into your shuffle rotation. Minus the just shy of two minutes instrumental interlude, 'Long Live' hits the ground hard, and does not relent until it is over. 

While the jury is still out over whether this is Atreyu's 'comeback', or simply an album that hits "play" to the four year "pause", 'Long Live' is still sure to put them back on the Hard Rock/Metal-Lite radar.


Nicole Callis

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