You’re walking around London – Farringdon to be exact – with a skinny Latte in one hand and a free copy of the Metro in the other. Everyone is minding their own business, thinking sternly about what to buy from the miniature supermarket with really long queues. Then suddenly, a man is on all fours, being walked by a women holding a leash.

Of course, Twitter became awash with pictures of the startling site, and most people, cynics, decided that a PR team was definitely involved. Stuff like this doesn’t happen without some sort of marketing message behind it, the locals assumed. 

Some even thought Agent Provocateur was behind the whole thing; they have a shop nearby and the whole stunt smacked of something a kinky company would try and do. They denied it though. 

But now we’ve actually got Eden Avital Alexander – who was walking said man – to explain what the stunt was all about. She said: “It was not a BDSM or a PR stunt, the project seemed at the start like a funny thing to be a part of and was all about the audience, which for me I think is the most important part of acting.

“I believe that artists, actors especially, should take the audience out of their normal everyday life and make them think and feel other things, in this case was to make them laugh, but while doing it different things came up - though I definitely found the ‘cleaning product’ commercial and the ‘job centre’ commercial very amusing.” (London 24)

Alexander added that a video focusing on the public’s response to the stunt was currently being edited for our viewing pleasure.