Letizia, Princess of Asturias may be poised to become queen of Spain, but the press doesn’t care about that. Oh no they most certainly do not! Why would they care about that when she knows how to pull off a pretty dress and a pair of Christian Louboutins?

Spanish Princess LetiziaThe Spanish princess was a successful journalist before marrying Felipe, Prince of Asturias

Before marrying Felipe, Prince of Asturias, Letizia had a successful career of her own. While still studying she embarked on a career in journalism, working for the Asturian newspaper La Nueva Espana before moving to the newspaper ABC. When she had finished her studies she moved to Mexico, where she worked on the newspaper Siglo XXI. On her return to Spain, she worked for the Spanish version of Bloomberg, the economic channel, afterwards moving to CNN+.

In 2000 Letizia moved to TVE and began working for 24 Horas, a Spanish news channel. That year she traveled to Washington DC to cover the presidential elections and reported live from Ground Zero in September 2011. By 2003 she had elevated herself to the position of anchor of Telediario 2, TVE’s daily evening news show.

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She became engaged to Felipe, the heir apparent the the throne of Spain, in 2003. The couple were married in May 2004 in Madrid. This was Letizia’s second marriage, her first ending in divorce in 1999. She had married the first time in a civil ceremony, so didn’t require an annulment from the Pope to marry the prince. Lucky, that.  We wouldn't want a modern day Reformation!

Now that King Juan Carlos has announced his intention to abdicate the throne in favour for his son, Letizia is set to become queen of Spain. The King explained his son “has the maturity, preparation and sense of responsibility necessary to assume the title of head of state and begin a new era of hope which combines the experience and momentum of a new generation.” His announcement comes after a string of scandals which have been uncovered in previous years.

Letizia and Felipe have been popular in Spain, particularly for the modest lifestyle they seemingly lead, often snapped out shopping with their two daughters or taking them to school. Like the Duchess of Cambridge, Letizia seems to have become popular for her humble roots.

Spanish Princess LetiziaLetizia and Felipe are poised to become the King and Queen of Spain

However, her popularity and personal successes haven’t left her exempt for becoming known simple as a style icon. The NY Daily News recently reported on the future queen, or perhaps we should say her wardrobe, which was the focus of the piece.

It seems to us that the future queen of Spain has a lot more to offer her country than a style guide.

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