Review of Tokyo Single by Athlete

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Athlete Tokyo Single

Athlete are a band heavily criticised for being, simply, too safe. They don't take risks, they don't dare to be different and they don't push boundaries. Instead, they make music that is simple, melodic and that they are sure a lot of people will like; and why not? Each to ones own; but soon enough Athlete will find out that, after a while, that becomes tediously boring.

They bounced back at critics last month with heavy-impact pop-rock anthem 'Hurricane', title-track to their latest album 'Beyond The Neighbourhood'. Their follow-up track 'Tokyo' is a stab at a second, consecutive pop-rock anthem from the band. It's catchy, spirited and harmonious. Is it a good track? Yeah, not bad by any means, but is it special, groundbreaking or revolutionary? Of coarse not; remember, we are still talking about Athlete, one of the most boring, uninventive, static bands of our generation.

Daniel Black

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