Aston Merrygold's ex-lover says he wooed her into bed with his own-branded condoms before dumping her.

Renay Louise - who is currently hoping to win the affections of 'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews on reality show 'The Bachelor' - claims she slept with the JLS singer at his Hertfordshire apartment one year ago, but she hasn't seen him since their night of passion because he told her he was too busy to meet.

The 24-year-old model said: ''I found him in bed, drunk, with his duvet wrapped around him.

''We started play fighting, then he reached into the cupboard next to his bed which was filled with his own condoms and normal ones, too, and pulled a condom out.

''We had sex and I had no complaints. We both have tattoos and he loved the butterflies I have down my side.

''I genuinely liked Aston. He never once made it clear that he didn't have time for a girlfriend, so I was expecting a relationship to develop.

''Aston made me feel special then took it away. It's upsetting, because he's a great guy. I never felt under pressure to look perfect around him, and the morning after we slept together, there was no embarrassment. It just felt natural.''

Despite being made to feel like ''a d**k'' by the singer, the brunette beauty - who first met the JLS star at a London nightclub last summer - insists she would still like to meet up with Aston in the future to find out why he started ignoring her.

She added to Reveal magazine: ''Soon after our night, I started seeing pictures of him with other girls and felt like he was making me look like a d**k.

''We haven't been in contact, but if he does get in touch, I'll meet up because I still really like him.

''I want to find out where it all went wrong.''