Review of Crazy World Single by Aslan

Aslan - Crazy World
Aslan - Crazy World Single review


Crazy World

Attempting to join the ranks of U2, David Gray and, erm, The Cranberries on a list of popular Irish bands making money everywhere else, this offering from “working-class roots” band Aslan entered at number 3 in the Irish chart, but is more than likely to suffer a much less forgiving fate here in the UK top forty. It sounds a bit too cheap, which is no fault of the band, but the fact that it is extremely unimaginative, featuring the simplest of acoustic guitar chords under irritating harmonies along with a rather average melody, is the fault of the band. It might well find fans amongst crowds of no-frills ballad bands, sounding a little like a less exciting version of early Embrace. Definitely without the excitement though.


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