XXX star Asia Argento regrets filming explicit sex scenes in her director father's films - because its ruined her relationship with him.

The stunning 27-year-old - who has dismissed suggestions their relationship is unusual - acted out gratuitous sex scenes as a teenager in dad DARIO's films, including 1993's TRAUMA. But the pair no longer speak, as she now feels traumatised by the experience.

Asia explains, "I live with the consequences in the long term. Yes, it messed my head up a bit but at the same time it was very freeing.

"I did it because my father was asking me to. I never had the courage to confront him because of the respect I had for him. But during the last year our relationship has changed and we don't talk any more.

"I think that it has been necessary to be away from him because I couldn't be a daughter all my life. I do want to heal our relationship, but I'm a mother myself now and we have to start from a different place."

11/06/2003 17:25