As many of us look forward to tomorrow, a Friday: the end of the working week and a chance to kick back with a vat of whatever numbs the pain, think of Ashton Kutcher - raking in $24m a year and spending it on the sexiest woman of the year.

That's right, according to Metro, the richest TV actor is enjoying some extra curricular activity with Esquires Sexiest Woman in the World, Mila Kunis. The facts suggest that he certainly is the luckiest man on earth. For some, it really is luck: with fancy houses growing up, the best education, the best contacts thanks to their parents jobs, but for Ashton, life wasn't so simple. All of his siblings had health problems of some such; his twin brother has cerebral palsy and his other brother had to have a heart transplant at a young age. And it's not as if Kutcher was the only family member to grow up untroubled. He attempted suicide at just 13-years of age. A tough home-life didn't put him off acting though, and he continued to become one of the most prominent actors today. Like him or loathe him, and many choose to loathe, but he's well and truly got himself to where he wants to be.

Following Kutcher, who overtook the erstwhile Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen in the richlist, were Hugh Laurie and Ray Romano, tied for second place at $18 million thanks to the syndication of "House" and "Everybody Loves Raymond.