LATEST: Hollywood hunk Ashton Kutcher has revealed he performed life-saving CPR on THAT 70'S SHOW castmate DANNY MASTERTON when the plane they were travelling in lost cabin pressure.

The Just Married actor, along with Colin Hanks, Masterton and WILMER VALDERRAMA were returning from Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans when the drama took place.

Ashton recalls, "We were flying at 32,000 feet and most of us were asleep when all of a sudden I started to feel light-headed. I was like, 'What the hell is going on?' Suddenly these oxygen masks dropped out the ceiling!

"Colin Hanks put his mask on, but then he started to hyperventilate. He'd just woken up so I think he was feeling freaked. Then he just passed out.

"I got Colin to calm down, got the mask on him and got him breathing again.

"But then I noticed that Danny was passed out too. It turned out that his oxygen mask wasn't working, so I gave him CPR and he came to. After that, I gave him my mask while I shared someone else's, taking a breath every two minutes."

But brave Ashton - who was previously a lifeguard - insists he only did what anyone would do in the terrifying situation.

He adds, "After you've been in a couple of those situations, you learn to stay cool."