Rapper-turned-actor Ashley Walters vowed to turn his life around following his prison stint in the early 2000s - because he felt "so useless" after learning his young son had injured himself while he was behind bars.
The former member of U.K. rap act So Solid Crew, also known as Asher D, was convicted in 2002 of carrying a loaded gun and spent 18 months in jail.
While serving his time, Walters was informed his 10-year-old son, Shayan, then two, had been involved in an accident - and it was the news the star needed to turn his life around.
He tells British tabloid The People, "I basically wasn't a dad for the seven months I was behind bars, ­although, in the end, it was a life-changing experience."
"(A warden) told me, 'Next time you get the chance, ring home because something has happened to your ­girlfriend.' I was in pieces that night, crying with worry and fear. When I did get to call I heard it was my two-year-old son Shayan who had fallen off his bike and broken his arm.
"I'd never felt so helpless, so useless, in all my life. This ­feeling of not being able to do anything at all burnt me. I realised I could never put myself in that situation again. Not for me, my family or my partner, and things had to change.
"I had lots of time to think and read when I was behind bars and gradually I worked out how I was going to change my life."