Ashley Walters has confirmed So Solid Crew are still together.

The 35-year-old rapper shot to fame in the group, and though fans thought the hip hop group had ended, the star has confirmed the '21 Seconds' are still together.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: ''There have been periods, mainly when I came out of prison, where I distanced myself from the crew.

''I felt effects of the music lifestyle and what comes with it on my family and I just felt I needed something a bit more stable and secure.

''But after a few years I realised it wasn't just about the music, a lot of those guys were my brothers and role models and all sorts of things to me so we got back together emotionally.''

However, Ashley - who recently starred in the Channel 4 show 'Top Boy' - thinks the term ''urban'' doesn't exist anymore.

He said: ''In the beginning, the 'urban' label was a bit of a minefield.

''I was in So Solid around the time it originated and I think it was born from a lot of negative images.

''These days I have eight children of all ages and they don't look at colour any more, they don't look at gender.

''I think 'urban' today just represents a culture and a movement rather than an ethnicity.''