Ashley Tisdale thinks married life is ''amazing''.

The 'Clipped' actress tied the knot with Christopher French last September and says their relationship is so much better than any others she has experienced.

Asked how married life is going, she said: ''It's great, it's great. It takes a long time to get to that, I think. There's definitely been past relationships where I've been like 'this is so hard, is this how it's supposed to be?' And then you get to The One and you're like 'Oh my god, if only I knew that this is what it's like.' So it's amazing.''

As well as being happy in her personal life, the 30-year-old beauty is having a ''blast'' on her new TV show 'Clipped'.

She said: ''I'm having a blast, it's so much fun. The cast--we're all best friends, so every Tuesday night we get together and have these viewing parties and we live's so much fun.''

The Los Angeles-born beauty also credits Mark Wahlberg for helping her hone the Boston accent she needed the movie, watching his movie 'The Fighter' as part of her research.

She told E! News: ''When we auditioned they asked for the accent...when we did the pilot we had an actually guy come in who taught us it.

''I actually did watch 'The Fighter' when I was testing for it just to hear some of the stuff.''

Ashley recently took an improvisation class and found it incredibly frightening.

She admitted: ''It was the scariest thing I've ever done. It was an adrenaline rush, it was crazy...I'm totally doing more.''