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21st March 2014

Quote: "He'll always be my loved one. Even before our wedding, we agreed not to tell people about our relationship, but to show them instead. What we're showing them now is we're human, we're family, and this is what family looks like." Ashley Judd on her relationship with estranged husband Dario Franchitti. The couple announced a split in January, 2013 after 11 years of marriage.

19th March 2014

Quote: "When I go to work on a film, I spend more time preparing the menu than I do my character, because people literally do not believe the amount that I say I have to eat, and so I spend the first two weeks convincing them, because I'm in a rage fit because I'm hungry the whole time, and then they're like, 'Hey honey, it's fine for you to eat,' and they're just passing me food." Actress Ashley Judd loves to eat while working.

19th March 2014

Quote: "They had great doughnuts; Do-Rite Donuts in Chicago... They're so delicious. I would like to be their spokesperson... I had a doughnut at my chair and I thought about that doughnut all day and when we wrapped somebody had eaten it. I was distraught... and so somebody brought me a whole box, but they did so anonymously." Actress Ashley Judd on her new food obsession, which she discovered while filming new movie Divergent in Illinois.

12th March 2013

Quote: "I am not sure who is saying this stuff, but it is not I... I'd prefer as a fan of your journalism that you stay accurate and credible. We told everyone who called us yesterday these stories are fabrications." Actress Ashley Judd hits back at Huffington Post reports suggesting she's planning to run for political office in May (13).

5th March 2013

Tweet: "This Easter give only chocolate bunnies & fluff chicks. 95% of real ones die in less than 1 yr. Resist the cute fest." Animal-loving star Ashley Judd urges fans not to give live animals as presents at Easter.

12th December 2012

Tweet: "Experiencing a profoundly poignant, unique, beautiful 11th Wedding Anniversary with my Love, @dariofranchitti Family is irreplaceable." Actress Ashley Judd celebrates her wedding anniversary with racing driver Dario Franchitti on 12-12-12.

6th November 2012

Tweet: "Crying, crying. just voted. How beautiful & wonderful. I thought of the g & w (girls and women) all over the world who need empowerment. I carry you with me!" Actress and activist Ashley Judd's voting experience in Tuesday's (06Nov12) U.S. presidential election was an emotional one.

13th April 2012

Quote: "I ask (him) for suggestions. I wanted to make sure, particularly with the Vespa sequence - because Vespas have a very different centre of gravity; they're not very nimble... I wanted to make sure I did that right... I ask his advice, otherwise I get a lot of grief when we watch it and it doesn't look right." Actress Ashley Judd asks racing driver husband Dario Franchitti for tips whenever she has to film a chase sequence in new TV drama Missing.

12th April 2012

Quote: "I have a built-in chauffeur. I can put my feet up and eat bon bons. It happened for almost 13 years now, so no, I don't drive." Ashley Judd lets racer husband Dario Franchitti do all the driving.

12th April 2012

Quote: "The best part was hugging trees. There are some really special, very old trees throughout Europe and whenever I had time off I would try to get to their national parks." Ashley Judd got back to nature during breaks on the set of new TV series Missing.

10th April 2012

Tweet: "thank you @AshleyJudd This article was music to my ears. Beautifully said and beyond inspiring. I hope everyone woman reads this." Miley Cyrus applauds actress Ashley Judd for taking aim at the media in an article for online paper The Daily Beast after she was accused of having undergone cosmetic surgery when she recently appeared on TV with a 'puffy' face - the result of steroid medication for a cold.

13th April 2011

Quote: "This is more fun. I love this with all my heart... I kinda prefer this." Ashley Judd on why she chooses activism over acting.

21st January 2010

Quote: "There was a class I really wanted to take, but it started at 8:40 and I knew I’d be setting myself up to be miserable. I (usually) get about nine (hours sleep) a night, so I’ve been dealing with low-grade chronic exhaustion the whole time I’ve been here.” Actress Ashley Judd has been getting up early since she began her studies at America's prestigious Harvard University.

20th January 2010

Quote: "I eat an awful lot of pizza and I snack when I study. Some of my habits have changed." Actress Ashley Judd has reverted back to college student eating habits at age 41. The High Crimes star is pursuing a master's degree in public administration at prestigious U.S. university Harvard.

21st July 2009

Quote: "I used to get Ashley Judd a lot, and that's why I haven't done it in a long time." Newly-brunette Katherine Heigl stayed blonde for so long after repeatedly being confused for the dark-haired actress.

1st December 2008

Fact: Actors Ashley Judd and Ethan Hawke, and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, are among a list of stars who have designed custom condom holders for LifeStyles Condoms. They will be auctioned off online to raise money for YouthAIDS beginning on Monday (01Dec08).

18th February 2008

Quote: "I didn't know anything about it, except it looked really dumb on TV." Ashley Judd wasn't a fan of car racing before she met her champion driver husband DARIO FRANCHITTI.

7th November 2007

Quote: "I became depressed for the first time when I was eight years old... At first I thought, 'Oh, I just played in the woods a lot by myself and believed in fairies.' Then I figured out I was lonely." Actress Ashley Judd realises her battle with mild depression began when she was a child.

30th May 2007

Quote: "He gets into his profoundly Scottish cursing dialect. It's an appropriate time to have road rage." Actress Ashley Judd on what she hears when she's listening to husband Dario Franchitti's jargon when he's taking part in IndyCar races.

30th May 2007

Quote: "I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and not knowing why I was sick and tired." Ashley Judd on why she checked into rehab for severe co-dependency issues.

24th May 2007

Quote: "When I'm considering a part, a key factor is spending as little time as possible in hair and make-up." Actress Ashley Judd chooses her film roles carefully.

6th April 2006

Quote: "One of my favourite people in the world is Ashley Judd. Ashley is the only girl I've ever worked with twice." Morgan Freeman hails his KISS THE GIRLS co-star.

14th March 2006

Quote: "I wanna work with ashley (JUDD). I have this fantasy of our trailers, like, next to each other like THELMA + LOUISE." Country star WYNONNA dreams of making a movie with her actress sister Ashley Judd.

12th March 2006

Fact: Ashley Judd and racecar driver Dario Franchitti have bought a "castle" in his native Scotland, according to the actress' sister WYNONNA.

13th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I think that the women (who say they have sex six times a week) are lying just like men who say they don't masturbate are lying." Hollywood actress Ashley Judd. </p>

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