Ashley Judd has filed a police report against her sister claiming that Wynonna has been using a GPS device planted on her car to secretly track her movement. The actress filed the report in Tennessee alleging that her country singer sibling placed a GPS tracking device on her silver Mini Cooper in order to obtain information related to an "ongoing custody dispute" within the family, according to Fox News.

Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd Has Filed A Police Report Against Her Sister, Wynonna.

The cellular tracking gadget was found by a mechanic after an unnamed driver of Ashley's car became suspicious and took the vehicle to be checked. Upon the discovery, the 45 year-old actress went to the authorities who discovered that the device was registered to a local Nashville private investigator, Janice Diane Swafford-Holt.

Though Swafford-Holt has not commented on the incident, a source claims that Wynonna and Swafford-Holt have worked together before, saying they teamed up during the singer's marriage to boat salesman Arch Kelley which ended in 1998. Apparently the police report states that it was Kelley who put the GPS tracker in place after Wynonna obtained it from the private investigator. However, Kelley has denied any involvement in the plan.

Ashley Judd Marilyn Denis
Tension Has Arisen As A Result Of A Custody Dispute.

Attorney Adam Dread has warned that secretly planting such a device on someone's car can incur serious penalties, citing invasion of privacy. "It is considered a criminal act in Tennessee for a person to install or conceal an electronic monitoring device on a vehicle belonging to another without the owner's permission," he explained.

"The penalty for those caught violating this can include both jail time and a fine. In addition to criminal charges, the person being 'spied on' can certainly sue the person (including private investigators) illegally tracking them for 'invasion of privacy.'"

Wynonna Judd
Wynonna Judd Is Accused Of Tracking Her Sister's Car With GPS.

However, the law will allow for the placement of a device by parents on to their child's car. Reports have suggested that Ashley's daughter was the unnamed driver of the vehicle who first raised the alarm, which could explain why the car was being tracked. Even so, this allowance can only pass if the child is the registered owner of the vehicle, which Judd's daughter is not.

Franklin police have reportedly classed the case as "inactive" pending further leads in the investigation. Neither Ashley Judd nor her sister Wynonna have commented publically on this news.