Actress Ashley Jensen was moved to tears when she visited impoverished families during a recent charity trip to an Indian slum.
The former Ugly Betty actress travelled to Sanjay in Delhi as part of Save the Children's No Child Born to Die campaign, which aims to boost the amount of health workers in the world's poorest regions.
She toured a mobile clinic and visited families living in Sanjay's slums - and she choked back tears at the site of so many malnourished children.
Jensen tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I'd look at a child that I thought was about three years old and say, 'How old is that wee one?', and I'd be told they were actually six."
She adds, "The fact that mums and babies are dying in 2011 because they don't have access to hospitals and basic medicines is shocking. This medicine costs literally pennies. It's the most basic medicine, but it really can be lifesaving.
"Visiting Sanjay certainly reinforced feelings that I had anyway about what is important in life. Whenever I try to describe it to friends, I come up with all these opposing adjectives. It was inspiring and desperate, sad and hopeful, awful and beautiful. I could take a whole bunch of words that would be fitting."