Ashley Jensen is unsure if she will raise her son In America or the UK.

The Scottish 'Ugly Betty' star currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Terry Beasley and their 13-month-old son Frankie but is torn over where to send Frankie to school in a few years.

She said: "Where our main home should be in the future is a source of great discussion.

"The big moment will come in a few years, when we have to think about where to educate Frankie. I've already started reading up about schools in LA and London.

"At the moment we can afford to be fairly flexible about where we live because Frankie is portable - although I'm aware the situation is changing."

The actress has spent the last two months working in Britain and said she cannot believe how much Frankie has grown in such a short space of time.

She explained: "We flew into Britain in October when he was 11 months. Now flying back to LA in time for Christmas he's 13 months. And that two months makes an enormous difference in terms of how far he can crawl.

"I have visions of him getting up to all sorts of mischief on the flight back."