Sexy singer Ashley Hamilton wants to set the record straight about his friendship with British pop sensation Robbie Williams

The 28-year-old singer, who co-wrote WIMMIN' with Robbie, insists reports that they met at an ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meeting and are now best mates are completely false.

Ashley - the stepson of legendary rocker ROD STEWART - says, "I don't speak to him on the phone or anything. People think he's my best mate, which is funny.

"I like Robbie, I respect him, he's a great guy, but we're not best mates.

"I kept reading that Robbie and I met through Alcoholics Anonymous and that's so not true. We just met through a random friend in LA, and he asked if I wanted to write and I said sure.

"We went out and had some coffee and dinner and talked and laughed, and then Wimmin' came out."

10/06/2003 17:14