Ashley Benson claims people think she's a ''b***h'' when they first meet her.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star, who split from Justin Bieber's former ''swagger coach'' Ryan Good in December after three years of dating, admits she can be ''very closed off'' and fame makes her uncomfortable.

The 25-year-old actress said: ''When people first meet me, they always think that I'm a b***h. I always get called that. Always. Because I don't talk.''

But the blonde beauty insists she still has ''the biggest mouth'' and is a lot more relaxed around people she knows.

She told Wonderland magazine: ''Weirdly, I'm shy. I get really nervous in public situations, but once you get to know me, I'm so outgoing, I'm so loud and bombastic. I have the biggest mouth. But [at first] I'm very closed off. I hold in emotions. I don't like to be vulnerable, ever. But when you're acting, you get to explore those feelings and those emotions and those moments. Acting is so fun. I love memorising lines and I love doing scenes. If I could work and not have anyone know who I am - I know it's not possible - that would be my goal.''

The 'Spring Breakers' star says she was a lot more outspoken in the past.

She said: ''When I was little, I was such a ham. I'm obsessed with my younger self. I want her to be my daughter. I said anything I wanted then. I was so funny. I watch videos, and I'm like, 'What happened to that girl?' She's not here. She comes out when [I'm] drunk, or on TV.''