Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross collaborated on a song together.

The couple - who tied the knot last August - have been spending time together in the studio, recording a track called 'Permission to Love'.

He said: ''We did an amazing song together, and we're trying to figure out what to do with it because I feel like it's got its own feel to it...

''It's a real powerful song and we're going to keep making music together. We love doing that. It would only make sense because we sing together all the time.

''It's unbelievable how talented Ashlee is, and her writing is amazing. She just has such an ear, and I know she's working on music now and she's going to be deciding how she wants to put it out, but yeah, she's incredible.''

Evan - who is the son of legendary singer Diana Ross - also admitted he finds it ''frightening'' releasing music because of his family background but insists he doesn't feel any ''pressure'' from his mother.

He told ''It can be a frightening thing, putting your music out - especially with the family I come from, you know?...

''[My mom] never gives me pressure. Whatever I'm doing - music, acting - it doesn't make a difference to her, as long as I'm happy.

''But I think in general there's always a feeling of, 'It's got to be the best' and I feel like people look at it like that, and you definitely get judged a lot more.

''But it's not the scariest thing, because I grew up with it so it's kind of normal.''