Ashlee Simpson is diving into married life once again – this time with actor Evan Ross, mostly known for being the son of soul legend Diana Ross. The two have only been together for six months, but it’s love, actually. As early as November, Ross was hinting at the upcoming proposal in interviews. His ladylove was subsequently spotted out and about, presumably bonding with Ross’ legendary mother and her future mother-in-law.

Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, West Hollywood
The two have been practically inseparable since they began their relationship last summer.

Back then he told Us Weekly that Ashlee was “the one” and when asked whether marriage was on the cards, he replied: “For sure.”

So, from the couple’s tweets on Monday we know that he popped the question and that “"The love of [Ross’] life said YES!!!!!!”

But what else have the two been up to lately? Evan’s career is on the rise. While he has mostly done minor parts and low budget flicks throughout his career, the 25-year-old actor has been cast in Mockingjay Part I and II. Ross will play Messalla, an employee of the Capitol, who later joins the rebellion. Ashlee’s most recent work is slightly less impressive. Besides providing fodder for various gossip websites with her relationship, in 2013 the younger Simpson sister had one movie role – a supporting part in the crime comedy Pawn Shop Chronicles, which received a limited release in July. She was previously married to Fall Out Boy guitarist Pete Wentz, whom she divorced in 2011. The two share custody of their four-year-old son.

Rhonda Ross, Diana Ross, Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee has even been bonding with her beau's family recently.