A$AP Rocky has reportedly requested a restraining order against an obsessive fan he claims has been stalking him.

The 31-year-old rapper is said to have asked for a temporary order against a woman in Los Angeles, who he alleged has shown up uninvited to his home on a number of occasions.

As reported by TMZ, in court documents Rocky claimed the woman ''has been relentless in her fixation with me and my whereabouts''.

He added she has been contacting family members and close friends to get information out of them, and he alleged that last month she turned up at his house and threatened to force her way inside.

Although his security is said to have told her to leave, it's claimed she only left after throwing ink over his parked car and shouting: ''F*** you, I'll be back again!''

The reports adds that Rocky has detailed a number of other incidents, including finding the woman sleeping in her car near his home, while in April he alleged she showed up claiming to be married to him.

The 'Praise the Lord (Da Shine)' hitmaker has also claimed in June 2018 she allegedly showed up to his home, punched his assistant and got into his master bedroom.

In the documents, he said: ''I was startled, jumped up and began to resist [her] advances''.

It's said his personal security arrived and removed her from the property, while his assistant filed a police report.

Meanwhile, in December the same year it's claimed there is footage of her hugging him from behind in a mosh pit during a show at Midnight Rave.

Rocky alleged that later that night, as he was leaving the venue. she ''jumped in without my permission landing on my lap while I was in the backseat. I was startled, shocked and [feared] for my safety''.

According to TMZ, a judge has initially refused the request until a hearing next month, and insisted it's not illegal for the woman to sleep in her car while noting the threats appear to be against his security and friends.