A$AP Rocky thinks marijuana is ''beautiful''.

The 26-year-old rapper is a self-confessed drug user and although he's opposed to the use of ''hard'' narcotics, A$AP insists marijuana can bring ''people together''.

Rocky - who regular takes hallucinogenic mushrooms - shared: ''I'm stoned right now. Marijuana is beautiful and it brings people together. Just look at the 1960s, the hippie days and how it brings people together. Beautiful.

''I think some drugs are harmful. Amy Winehouse was doing some hard drugs and that s**t is not cool. I like magic mushrooms.''

A$AP makes his acting debut in the Rick Famuyiwa-directed comedy-drama 'Dope', which features a strong message about racism, but the rapper has revealed he doesn't see race as a major issue.

He told The Independent newspaper: ''Race doesn't mean s**t these days, especially for me. I'm a free spirit. I refuse to be held back or marginalised or limited by colour.''

The hip hop star identifies himself as an ''anarchist'' and has actively encouraged his ''cult following'' to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Asked to define anarchism, the New York-born star said: ''It's a society amongst society, why not? I have my own lifestyle. I have a cult following. There are people who actually want to eat what I eat, dress how I dress ... and they might even s**t how I s**t. That is a cult following.

''I encourage people to be entrepreneurs and be the best they can be. I'm not stupid, I'm an anarchist.''