A$AP Rocky has launched a fashion collection with Marnie Serre.

The 32-year-old rapper collaborated with the 29-year-old fashion designer on the new MSxAWGE capsule collection to bring to life their shared interests and sense of community.

Rocky told Vogue: “I really loved her work. It seemed like she took the streetwear etiquette and kind of put her own ‘I don’t give a f***,’ rebellious, punk twist to it. Aesthetically, I never saw somebody be so free, especially with a monogram – something as simple as a crescent moon.

“She has more of a, I would say, fashion-house approach to [her brand], but with a streetwear aesthetic. She collided both worlds. I’m an advocate for that: mixing high-end streetwear and low-end clothing, so it spoke to me, naturally. I just loved her aesthetics.”

However, the partnership wasn't as smooth sailing as Rocky doubted she would want to work with him but the rapper was determined to get her attention.

He added: “To be honest with you, we didn’t know if she would collab with us because she doesn’t really collab or work with people! That’s what really turned me on about this collaboration. I really want to work with people who are not easy to get to.”

Serre agreed: “Also, you know, if I had not liked Rocky, I would not have done it. Even though it’s A$AP Rocky! That’s really the thing, you know, we really could speak together, and I think that was the most important for me, that we can really exchange.”

The pair soon got "intimate" during the designing process as Serre created the line - which includes puffer coats, track pants, hooded dresses and durags - with Rocky's body in mind.

She added: “The shape of all the garments in the collection, they are really made differently than how I design normally. I designed them for his body. It was kind of challenging to keep your aesthetic but at the same time answer to someone else’s way to live or way to move. In a way it’s really intimate. This is what I like when I work."