British rockers Art Brut have created a 28-page comic book to mark the release of their new album Brilliant! Tragic!
The venture features art from Bryan Lee O'Malley, who drew up the Scott Pilgrim series and comes from an idea by band frontman Eddie Argos.
The longtime comic book fan says, "I can remember the first one I ever read, it was the Beano the day I had my tonsils out. I was given it as a treat as I couldn't eat anything. It might have been the only time I've turned down ice-cream. It blew my tiny six-year-old mind.
"I loved comic books growing up but always had a fear they might be something I would have to give up as an adult. Then one day somebody, I still don't know who, put some Batman comics through our letterbox. These blew my tiny 11-year-old mind. They were pretty full on, nothing at all like Adam West goofing around on Saturday morning television. In these stories people were being murdered, they were political, and morally ambiguous.
"If my mum had known how different they were from the Saturday morning kids show she would have taken them off of me. I loved them though and realised then that they were something that would stay with me into adult life and I have spent all my money on comics ever since. It is very exciting to now be curating an Art Brut one."
Argos came up with the concept for the comic and then handed a list of his favourite artists to his manager.
He adds, "I thought only one or two would say yes. I was completely blown away when they all did and then flattered they would take the time to create something for us... I love what has been created and I recommend that you go out and collect everything by everyone who has contributed to this comic."
Argos isn't the first rocker to get into the comic book business - Gerard Way and Tom Morello have both created graphic novels in recent years. Way's The Umbrella Academy was a big hit and Morello's debut, The Orchid, will hit stores in October (11).