Arsenio Hall is back! It's been 19 years since the comic last dominated the late night viewing slot with his popular combination of chat and music and after a hiatus lasting nearly two decades, he is back to reclaim his place among the elites of the chat show circuit.

Arsenio Hall
Arsenio Hall is back on late night TV

The 57-year-old former TV regular, whose late night shows famously included a sax-playing Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson's revelation that he suffers from the AIDs virus, will get a second chance at becoming a talk show mainstay again this Monday, 9 September, when he begins his run on The Arsenio Hall Show on syndicated television. It's been a lengthy stay away from the front of a camera, but it is a break that Arsenio has no regrets over and one that he feels he can return from with a bang.

"I have no regrets. I've had an incredible time away. I was able to raise my son in a way that my parents were't able to be in my life [because they were so busy working]," he said in a recent statement (published by USA Today). "When I sat and talked to my son, I was like, 'I love being a father. There's nothing I love more than that. But as you need me a little less, I'm going to start addressing the fact that I miss late-night and I might want to try to go back.' And he was all for it."

Even though he returns to a field that is almost twice as populated as it was when he left, Hall has also said that he feels confident that he can compete with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno, as he doesn't feel as though he will need to rely on stealing their viewers to make up his own audience.

"I absolutely believe that the pie has been split into much smaller pieces, [but] there are so many more people who aren't watching any of these (shows)," he says. "The first time around, I didn't take from Johnny (Carson). I attracted an audience that did not have a late-night vehicle."

The Arsenio Hall Show will be available across the US on up to 180 local stations, reaching virtually the entire country, CBS Television Distribution (who are syndicating the show) have said. The first-week guests will include the returns of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson and George Lopez, with Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow, Angela Bassett, Mark Harmon and rapper Mac Miller also making an appearance on the show.

The Arsenio Hall Show will air at around 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. CT. Click here to check your local listings and see when the show will be on in your area.

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