American comedian, actor and talk-show host, Arsenio Hall, is being sued by his former personal manager, Cheryl Bonacci, for paternity and child support money. A source spoke to television news show 'Celebrity Justice' to tell them that the 'Coming To America' star has never denied that he is the father of Bonacci's five-year-old son, but is not agreeing on how much money is should be paying for child support.

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Hall, a former boyfriend of Paula Abdul, was one of America's most prolific and highest grossing entertainers in his day, with paycheques of around 12 million USD each year at his peak. However, Hall now states that child support should be based upon the amount he currently earns - rather than what he used to earn.

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Bonacci, on the other hand, thinks that Hall's past income should be considered heavily. Supposedly, the 49-year-old Hall is asking for a restraining order against Bonacci, as she has allegedly interfered with his custodial rights. Neither party nor their lawyers have come forward to comment upon the case.