What if your navigation app had the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger? From early online reports it seems that Waze, an app owned by Google, might soon make this dream a reality. On Sunday, the company tweeted that it would announce a new celebrity voice for the app on Monday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
MacBook in hand, Arnold is clearly a techie.

The online sleuths at PhoneArena pegged the hand in the photo tweeted by Waze as belonging to Schwarzenegger. The main clue was that the hand was wearing the governor of California's ring. 

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So, if the rumour is true, Waze users will get to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice directing them. They will be in for a treat Arnold giving some turn-by-turn navigation directions and some of his most famous movie lines will be used on the app such as "Hasta la vista, Baby." Hopefully we will hear Arnold saying "I'll be back," and "It's not a tumour." It allegedly took only an hour for the actor and politician to get all of his lines in the can. 

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This isn't the first time Waze has gone for the celebrity endorsement approach. The company has tried it before, luring Terry Crews of TV's Brooklyn Nine Nine to entice drivers to the app. Google-owned Waze is a free app that earns revenue from advertising.