The eagerly awaited 'Terminator: Genisys' is finally imminent, and all fans of the original 1984 movie are likely to be happy with the results. Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about how this new instalment combined elements of old and new to tell this alternative story.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Terminator: Genisys'Arnold Schwarzenegger is glad to be back

'Terminator: Genisys' is arguably one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. While initially it seemed like a sequel verging on the out-dated and maybe a little cringe-worthy, the authentic adherence to the first film (but with an unexpected twist) really seemed to get everyone excited. Here we see Kyle Reese transported into the past in a bid to protect Sarah Connor, but finds she's already being protected - by the double of the very adversary he was sent to fight.

'[The writers were] not trying to eliminate what's been done in the past', Schwarzenegger explains. 'It's just keeping everything intact but then adding on and showing another scenario.' He reveals how 'Genisys' appears to start off like the 1984 film, as the Terminator goes to rob that iconic biker outfit, before being interceded by an identical model with better intentions and 'all hell breaks loose'.

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It wasn't just the story that brought back some nostalgia for Arnie. On set, the crew reverted to many more traditional methods during filming, including creating a set with masses of cars to represent the Golden Gate Bridge during the bus flipping scene - not to mention all the other crazy stunts. 'They have used all of the real action as much as they can; all the stunts were done, we were flying through the air, we were suspended on harnesses...', says Schwarzenegger. 'All of this stuff was real stuff.'

There was, of course, the addition of stuntmen for the more dangerous scenes but the use of CGI, in Arnie's opinion, 'made the storytelling much more complete'. 'It's a combination of the ultimate technology and also using the old fashioned way', he says. Technology was also heavily relied on when it came to him fighting himself in the movie. A double was used with a similar body which, granted, you probably wouldn't have found very easily back in the 80s, but Schwarzenegger struggled to imagine just how authentic they could possibly make his twin. 

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'The idea was that that was me from 1984', he says. 'For me, the whole time there was a question of, 'How are they going to do the face replacement? How do they do the changing of the body?' He has the Mr. Universe physique, but it wasn't exactly the same body I have because every body's different. So with the technology again, they did a really great job of making it all possible.'

This old vs. new theme has at least impressed original director James Cameron, who expressed how he felt the franchise had been 're-invigorated' by new director Alan Taylor and described the new film as a 'renaissance'.

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The movie hits UK theatres on July 2nd 2015.