Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to front a new spy series.

The 73-year-old actor - who has only ever made one-off appearances on scripted television - is reportedly lined up to star in a new show from independent studio Skydance.

According to Deadline, Arnie will take the lead in the upcoming drama which focuses on a father and daughter, and the project is being pitched to streaming services.

'Scorpion' creator Nick Santora is leading the project, while the team is searching for an actress to play Arnie's daughter.

The programme will mark the 'Terminator' star's first real foray into a scripted TV series, as his only appearances thus far have been cameo or guest spots in the likes of 'Tales from the Crypt' and 'Two and a Half Man', or voice roles.

However, he previously hosted 'The New Celebrity Apprentice', which ran from January to February 2017 and marked the final instalment of the US reality series.

Meanwhile, Arnie recently opened up on how he moved from his native Austria to America to pursue a bodybuilding career before becoming an actor, and made sure to book plenty of radio interviews at the start of his Hollywood career, so that people could hear his voice and get used to his accent.

His accent is now what sets him apart from other stars, but at the time he was worried his iconic voice would be impenetrable to the average American.

He explained: ''I like to think I broke the mould a bit on that one. It was really just a matter of being out there enough to have people hear my voice - that's why I did so many radio interviews where people didn't see me but heard the voice.

''Eventually it became so identifiable the directors like John Milius [who directed 1982's 'Conan the Barbarian'] came out and said, 'If we didn't have Schwarzenegger we would have to build one!'''