Arnold Schwarzenegger says his children being on set with him was like ''Christmas''.

The 'Terminator: Genisys' actor admits that although being known as an action star can get frustrating when he's trying to take on different roles, he likes that his children were always enthusiastic about seeing him at work.

He said: ''People know me as kind of the action star, and how many actors or people have their own M47 tank? I used to drive an American tank when I was in the Austrian army and they handed it over when it was outdated. They wanted to destroy the tanks completely but they shipped this one over and I drive it around. It works 100 per cent!

''My kids' friends, every time we did an action scene, they said, 'Make sure you're gonna be on the set when your Daddy blows things up'. It was king of Christmas for them, so I think people would enjoy driving around and crushing things in a tank.''

The 67-year-old star - whose children Patrick, Christina and Christopher from his marriage to estranged wife Maria Shriver are now grown up - is also adapting to the different ways in which you have to promote a movie now.

Speaking about his new film 'Maggie', he told TheWrap: ''We had a Reddit screening, that was really a huge success. It's funny, when I told the studio about it, they said, 'I don't know if this will work, let us get back to you.' I said, 'There is no getting back to me. This is what we're doing. I already told the Reddit people.'

''With 'Terminator', we've already been out there with posters and trailers. I feel very strongly about going directly to our audience and not having to worry about holding a press conference.''