Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen a script for a new 'The Legend of Conan' movie that he ''really likes'' and he's very keen to start work on the movie.

The 68-year-old actor shot to fame in the cult 1982 film 'Conan the Barbarian' as the pre-historic warrior and he reprised the role in 1984's 'Conan the Destroyer'.

Since 2012, Universal Pictures has been developing the new instalment in the franchise with Schwarzenegger returning as well as characters from the first movie.

The action legend has now been presented with the story and is ready to don his battle clothes and pick up his sword once again.

He told website IGN UK: ''I've seen a script I really like, and every time I see fans, they demand a new 'Conan'. The role means so much to me and I would love to do it again.''

Schwarzenegger - whose 'Terminator' character will appear as a playable character in upcoming video game 'WWE 2K16' - has also long been rumoured to be making a 'Twins' sequel.

'Triplets' is set to star the actor and Danny DeVito back as the brothers with the addition of Eddie Murphy to the family, and Schwarzenegger has confirmed several talks have taken place.

He said: ''Eddie is hilarious. We've met about it several times, and I think we all want to do it, but some things take time to get off the ground.''

Two versions of Schwarzenegger's T-800 cyborg from 'The Terminator' and 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' films are available as playable characters to gamers who pre-order 'WWE 2K16' for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles ahead of its international release on October 30, 2015.