Armin Van Buuren is among the artists playing the Tomorrowland Around the World digital festival.

The digital festival will bring together over 60 dance music artists including Dmitri Vegas, Steve Aoki and Amelie Lens.

The festival will take place on the weekend of July 25 and July 26 and will offer fans the chance to see acts play on eight different virtual stages, with the festival season wiped out by the coronavirus crisis.

Armin hopes that the virtual festival will provide artists a chance to connect with fans during lockdown.

The 43-year-old DJ said: ''Tomorrowland Around the World is a great opportunity for me to connect with my fans during these lockdown times and I hope that this will help everyone to hold on for a bit longer until we can party together on actual festival grounds again! Very delighted to be part of this ground-breaking event.''

Dmitri added that the festival will be ''nothing like the world has ever seen''.

He explained: ''We've deliberately been holding out on doing livestreams as we wanted this to be really special. We had the opportunity to see the stage designs of the digital festival and it will be nothing like the world has ever seen.

''It's truly an immersive and unique experience and surpasses any expectations someone can have when they hear the term 'virtual festival'. People are just not ready for what they are about to see. We can't wait!''

Amelie added that she ''can't wait'' to play at the event.

The 30-year-old musician said: ''I am very excited to be playing at the biggest digital festival ever. I've heard that hundreds of people are currently working day and night to create a never before seen experience, so I honestly cannot wait for the last weekend of July.''