The one thing you can guarantee if you're a celebrity is that people will ask you to sign your autograph. And while that usually means your own products or merch, photos and notebooks, sometimes a chest or two, occasionally you'll be asked to scribble on something just plain weird.

Armie Hammer signs autographs on his Vespa (2013)Armie Hammer signs autographs on his Vespa (2013)

And here are seven of the weirdest things celebs have been asked to sign:

1. Armie Hammer - A Peach
Last month, Armie appeared on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' where he opened up about the fact that he keeps getting asked to sign peaches after THAT scene with Timothée Chalamet in 'Call Me By Your Name'. 

'The first time someone handed me a peach I was like, 'Oh! Thanks!' and they would go, 'Oh no, no, that's not for you. Will you sign it for me?'... I was like, 'What are you gonna do with it?' There's obviously something they can do with it, that would be more disturbing, but the other side is that they're gonna put that peach on a shelf because it has my signature and in ten days it's gonna putrify and their entire place is gonna be full of fruitflies.'

2. Johnny Depp - A Prosthetic Leg
The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star showed up in Raby Bay, Australia after filming one day in 2015 spent some time taking photos and signing autographs for fans. One man proffered his prosthetic leg, which the actor admitted at the time was his first one to be scrawling on. It would have been more appropriate if it was a peg leg, given that he was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow at the time, but there we go.

Johnny Depp outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio in 2012Johnny Depp outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio in 2012

3. Daniel Radcliffe - An Inhaler AND Cards Against Humanity Card
In 2013, a woman posted on Imgur a picture of her asthma inhaler signed by the 'Harry Potter' star himself. To make things better, she even claimed that she delivered the following line: 'I need it to catch my breath because you take it away.' Smooth. 

Dan actually has a bit of a habit of signing weird stuff. Last year, following his performance in the West End show 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead', a brave fan managed to get him to sign a VERY rude Cards Against Humanity card. He won't be forgetting that one in a hurry.

Daniel Radcliffe outside Capitol Radio station in 2017Daniel Radcliffe outside Capitol Radio station in 2017

4. Charlie Hunnam - A Vibrator
You've got to have some nerve to march up to this handsome 'Sons of Anarchy' star and say, 'Hey, will you sign my sex toy?' but, believe it or not, there is at least one woman out there who has indeed dared to do that. And he actually wrote, 'Have fun' along with his signature. A bit creepy, admittedly... but he certainly took it in his stride. 

Charlie Hunnam at the premiere of 'The Lost City of Z'Charlie Hunnam at the premiere of 'The Lost City of Z'

5. Giancarlo Esposito - A Piece of Fried Chicken
Ahead of his Q&A at Florida Film Festival in 2014, a fan found himself facing a queue of people clutching posters for Gus from 'Breaking Bad' to sign. Only he didn't have anything to get signed, so he grabbed a piece of fried chicken from the kitchen and got him to autograph that instead. Wonderfully, Esposito was happy to sign it - he obviously has a fantastic sense of humour!

Giancarlo Esposito at San Diego Comic Con 2018Giancarlo Esposito at San Diego Comic Con 2018

6. Sister Hazel - A Toilet Seat
These Florida rockers allegedly signed a guy's toilet seat after he let them use the bathroom in his apartment when they performed at Wingate University some time ago. The owner auctioned it on eBay in 2014 and it either sold for $49.75 or didn't get sold at all. I mean, it's a used toilet seat, so...

Also, are there no bathrooms at the North Carolina college?

Sister Hazel at the 2016 CMT Music AwardsSister Hazel at the 2016 CMT Music Awards

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7. Kasey Kahne - A Dog
The NASCAR racing driver told E! News in 2013 that the weirdest thing he's ever been asked to sign was someone's pet pooch. 'I just thought it was weird to sign a dog', he confessed. 'He didn't have much hair, so [I was] signing his back - that was kind of odd.'

I do hope the exchange was not followed by the comment: 'I'm never washing my dog again'.

Kasey Kahne at the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards GalaKasey Kahne at the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Gala