Armie Hammer bonded with Johnny Depp on 'The Lone Ranger' by braiding his hair.

The pair star together in the forthcoming adventure movie - as the titular character and his sidekick, Native American spirit warrior Tonto, respectively - and the 'Social Network' star said they built up a ''magical'' friendship.

Asked how they bonded, Armie said: ''I braided his hair! That was so nice. We would stay up talking till the sunrise. It was the most magical experience.''

Shooting the western - which also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper and Harry Treadaway - led to a ''ton'' of injuries for the cast, so the actors looked forward to relaxing baths at the end of each day's filming.

Armie, 26, told E! News: ''There were tons of injuries. For me personally, just bumps and bruises and cuts and nicks and stuff like that. Nothing that a good Epsom salt bath wouldn't fix.''

Though Armie's alter ego has been compared with Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman, he insists the stories are very different, though he can understand the parallels between the characters.

He said: ''They both definitely wear a mask. There's no similarity in story, but in terms of a masked hero, a vigilante, those lines you can draw.''