Review of Nympho Album by Armand Van Helden

Armand Van Helden

Armand Van Helden - Nympho - Album Review
Armand Van Helden


Armand Van Helden returns with his first proper artist album in almost 5 years. Fans of Helden will recognise some dance floor hits like ‘My My My’ and ‘Hear My Name’ featured on this album.

‘Nympho’ has a lot of energy. It’s all house music with a touch of heavy guitar in a lot of the tracks to give it a bit of weight and punch. All the tracks have a lot of attitude that is sexually provocative and dirty. The audience aim is for those hedonists in Ibiza who want to party and the maturity of the music will appeal to older heads or kids wanting to be cool. There is a lure of this music that makes it appealing and the tracks are around 4mins in length to give it song structure. It’s not overbearing or too alternative, ultimately the tunes are made to get you in the mood before you go out or to keep on dancing. ‘The Tear Drop’ is a provoking tune that has new age insanity strapped all over it and I suppose will appeal to the loopy lost its.

All in all this album is ok. I like the guitar element to give it a bit of weight and Helden knows what he likes and plays it. It’s got balls however it doesn’t really inflame my soul too much. The nature of ‘Nympho’ is to get you rocking and I guess he achieves that. House music fans should like it.

Tareck Ghoneim