Ariel Winter, the 17-year-old actress best known for her role as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family, has opened up about her decision to have breast reduction surgery. Speaking in a recent interview, Winter explained how her decision had very little to do with how she looked.

Ariel WinterAriel Winter at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles in March 2015.

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Winter underwent surgery at the beginning of June but has only recently discussed the surgery. In an interview with Glamour, Winter revealed she had gone from an F-cup to a D-cup. She stated her decision to have the surgery was down to feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Winter usually looks happy and confident whilst attended red carpet events but she explained how she “wasn’t feeling so happy” on the inside. To some extent this was because of the stares she received and the articles some media outlets wrote which focussed on her cleavage.

“That’s pretty much all I was known for and that upset me. It made me feel really uncomfortable because as women in the industry, we are totally over sexualized and treated like objects,” Winter said. “Every article that has to do with me on a red carpet always had to do with ‘Ariel Winter’s Crazy Cleavage!’ Or ‘Ariel Winter Shows Huge Boobs At An Event!’ That’s all people would recognize me by, not, “Oh, she does great work on Modern Family.”

Winter also explained how having large breasts was causing her back pain and it was becoming a medical issue.

“It was so painful,” Winter revealed. “I had a lot of back problems. I really couldn’t stand up straight for a long period of time. It started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain. My neck was hurting so bad and I actually had some problems with my spine. I had been discussing my chest with doctors for many years, but when I finally said, ‘I’m thinking of doing this," he said, "Your back is going to thank you so much.’”

Since the interview was published, Winter has received support from many of her fans. She thanked fans for their well-wishes in an Instagram post.

‘To my fans, you guys have all been so supportive and I couldn't thank y'all more,’ Winter wrote. ‘You are all amazing human beings and I'm honored to have you.’

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Thank you so much @glamourmag and @JRadloff. I feel so blessed that you gave me a chance to share my story. I am extremely humbled. Jessica you are amazing!!!! To my fans, you guys have all been so supportive and I couldn't thank y'all more. You are all amazing human beings and I'm honored to have you. HUGE thanks go to the people who support me, love me, and take care of me in every way possible. To my incredible sister @shanelle_gray, her husband @davidbarrygray, my beautiful baby nieces, the love of my life @laurent_claude_gaudette and our furry babies Casper and Rocco, my father Glenn Workman, and my best friends @jessiebergg, @huntershocket, @ohmyskyy, and @music4joejoe who have been by my side through everything, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I love you all more than anything. I don't know what I'd do without you guys❤️ Thanks is also in order to my awesome team who works so hard for me all the time. I wouldn't be where I am without them!!! Thank you!!! Lastly, never be afraid to speak your mind. Always make decisions because YOU want to, and always do what makes YOU happy. Xx Hair by @bobbyeliot/Makeup by @kristeeliu/Styling by @Anita Patrickson & Jordan Wright/Photos by @collinstark and @jessicastark_

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