Ariel Winter accidentally sliced the tip of her thumb as she was chopping a tomato.

The 22-year-old actress - who is best-known for playing Alex Dunphy in 'Modern Family' - has revealed she cut an artery in her thumb and was forced to go to hospital after suffering the injury whilst making dinner.

During a virtual interview with 'Access Hollywood', Ariel - who is dating actor Luke Benward - shared: ''I sliced the top of my thumb off on a peeled tomato.

''We were talking, and I sliced right through and we were both like, Oh my God!' I was so shocked. I bled so much.''

Ariel also suffered an awkward moment when she arrived at the hospital with her boyfriend.

She recalled: ''He actually brought the tip of my finger to the hospital.

''[The nurse] actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn't tell me it was the tip of my thumb too, so I accidentally threw it away and we had to go get it.''

Meanwhile, Ariel recently admitted that growing up in the spotlight has been a ''rough'' experience.

The actress joined 'Modern Family' when she was just 11 and she confessed that it's ''not easy'' growing up in front of the watching world, especially in the age of social media.

She said: ''It's not very easy, just because people think that just because you're on TV, they're entitled to your life.

''It's even worse with social media, because people can just say anything they want. So that was rough because I feel like I got on social media right at the start of it becoming big, and I was really young, and people were just figuring out how to bash people online.

''It was rough going through all of my awkward stages, all of my different stages, because I really changed a lot over the course of 11 years.''