Happy Thanksgiving, dear American readers. As we understand it, it’s time to stuff your face, then kick back and enjoy the parade. In New York this meant the Macy’s Thanksgiving festivities, which included, among other things, multiple Broadway numbers and a whole host of budding young celebrities – from Ariana Grande to Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony, American Music Awards
Fifth Harmony made their Thanksgiving parade debut.

MTV reports that the 5H ladies rode on the Pepperidge Farm float and sang their hit “Come Together” for the gathered crowd and the viewers at home. Earlier, the ladies had spoken to MTV about their excitement to perform during the parade, which has been a beloved Thanksgiving tradition since its advent in 1924.

"We all were thinking of coats. Thinking, 'It's gonna be freezing.' And then we found out we have to be on the float for three hours and we can't pee. Yeah, that's a problem," they told the MTV. "It's still gonna be an awesome experience. To be on it is an honor. It's a tradition. It's super iconic and it's a part of history."

Fall Out Boy, American Music Awards
Fall Out Boy, who are promoting a new album this year, also rocked up to the awards.

Other highlights included Fall Out Boy, rocking a performance of Alone Together, with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a Pikachu providing an incredibly appropriate background, as well as Austin Mahone showing up for a live rendition of his “Banga Banga”. For Mahone, getting to perform in the parade was a special experience. “It's important because so many people have performed on floats at the Thanksgiving Day parade," he said. "This thing has been going on for centuries.” Well, that may have been a slight exaggeration, but you get his point.

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
The floats get bigger and better (and just a bit more terrifying) every year.

For more pictures from the parade, head on over to our gallery.

Following Austin’s performance, Ariana Grande closed the show with a rendition of George Michael's Last Christmas. How very seasonally appropriate. Once again, happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the US and good luck in those life-threatening Black Friday sales.

Ariana Grande, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Ariana Grande closed the show alongside an adorable, if slightly creepy-looking Dora, the Explorer.