Franklin and her attorneys have gone to court in a bid to stop Alan Elliott from releasing Amazing Grace, which was put together using concert footage shot by late movie legend Sydney Pollack in 1972.

She won a temporary restraining order stopping the film from being screened at a number of events, but the case went back to court after Elliott reportedly showed Amazing Grace to a number of prospective distributors at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada on Saturday (12Sep15).

Elliott has now agreed not to hold any showings of the film for a further 30 days. The agreement was filed at the U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday (15Sep15), according to

Franklin's attorney, Reid Neureiter, writes in a court document, "(This agreement) will avoid the need for a contested temporary restraining order hearing on short notice, and will preserve the status quo for at least 30 days, allowing the Parties to begin good faith negotiations to resolve this dispute."