Soul legend Aretha Franklin has cancelled a Michigan show due to an ongoing medical treatment. According to Reuters, Franklin issued an open letter of apology to her fans, explaining that there was a “miscalculation” with the duration of her treatment and that it would be counterproductive to discontinue the procedures in favor of her scheduled shows. Franklin and her reps have refused to explain the nature of the singer’s ailments, however. The statement reassures fans that Aretha plans to get back into performing as soon as she has completed the full course of treatments.

Aretha Franklin, Toronto
Franklin performed a string of concerts earlier this year.

“It would be totally disruptive to stop them now and go into concert with total success right at the door,” Franklin explained in the statement.

David Brokaw, a representative for the golden-voiced performer expanded on Aretha’s decision to postpone the concerts: "Aretha fully intends to get back to her full schedule of work as soon as she can."

Aretha Franklin, TV Land Awards
However, she was also forced to cancel several.

The "Queen of Soul" had postponed the same Michigan concert in June, along with other shows in Chicago, Connecticut, Ottawa and Montreal, Canada. The other shows were not rescheduled. The queen of soul, known for a number of iconic songs of the 20th century, such as Respect and Just a little Bit, has cancelled shows for health reasons before, in 2010. However, Franklin prefers to keep her medical history private and has not disclosed the reason behind any of her leaves of absence.

Aretha Franklin, ABC Studios
She fully intends to return to the stage as soon as possible.