Arctic Monkeys continue to ascend toward superstardom. Their status as bona fide rockstars capable of disseminating universally lauded records means their prestige can only continue to expand. 2013’s AM saw the band make a total departure from any semblance of their younger selves. Where once they specialised in jagged riffs and quirky tales of misadventures on northern English estates, leading them to a hierarchical position in the mid-noughties indie band explosion, they are now slicker, beefier and with a fan base that extends well beyond the confines of their home nation.

Arctic Monkeys
Despite teasing fans last year, a follow-up to AM will not be appearing anytime soon.

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Their heavier output has finally turned heads in the US, meaning that their longevity is all but assured. But despite stating back in 2013 that they were planning on a follow up that would rear its head shortly after AM had concluded its touring cycle, the band have now stated that there are no plans for another record anytime in the near future. It’s a perfectly understandable position given that the lads in Arctic Monkey’s have successfully penetrated the US market thanks to years of hard slog around the gargantuan nation and can now tour there in venues equivalent to those they play in the UK. As such, their touring cycle is extended exponentially as demand for the band is more vociferous than ever. Yet fans will surely be disappointed that a quick follow-up will not be appearing.

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Bassist Nick O’Malley told NME magazine: “We did have a chat but I don’t think it’s going to be happening. There are no plans for another record.” The bassists also added that “I think people may want to forget about us for a while.” With demand for the band showing little sign of waning, despite a continuous presence on TV, radio, award shows and the touring circuit, it is doubtful any fans will be forgetting about the band anytime soon. The “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” rockers will be embarking on time off from their band duties, with Nick further digressing on the situation: “We’ve been doing this constantly for quite a while and it’s important to have a break. Otherwise you burn out and get a bit psychotic.”

Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner has also added comment on the situation, stating that he is still in an AM mind-set. He stated: “I don’t know what happens when the tour ends. I’m still pretty wrapped up in AM. We’re slapping each other on the back after that one.” However, Arctic Monkey’s can rest easily, knowing that even after a lengthy sojourn away from the spotlight, their music and collective persona is now so fervently ingrained on popular culture that there will be no slouch in adoration for the band, on either side of the Atlantic.