Arctic Monkeys are planning a ''part two'' to their new album 'AM'.

The 'Do I Wanna Know' group say during recording sessions for the album they came up with ideas which could form the basis of their sixth record.

Frontman Alex Turner said: ''Before you get into any of the songwriting even, the production of ['AM'] is perhaps the most interesting thing we've done. There are a few bits - let's not say bits, that's horrible - but there are a few things that came a bit late in the race that I could see breeding a part two to the album.''

While Alex is excited by the sound the band have produced, he still wants to keep experimenting as they move forward.

He added to NME magazine: ''I guess at the time, with 'AM', it was just simply an experiment. But at least if you're doing an experiment I think you're moving in a healthier direction. You're on the front foot at least. It's almost like your decision is paying dividends now, in some other ways.''