Archie Panjabi, the British actress known for 'Bend it Like Beckham', has revealed that while filing 'The Good Wife' in New York, her husband remains in the UK forcing a difficult long-distance relationship. Panjabi moved to the United States in 2009 to work on the drama, yet her 12-year-long marriage to Rajesh Nihalani, is under jeopardy since he has not yet followed her to America.

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In an interview with 'S' magazine, Panjabi explains: "I see him as often as I can but I've made some of my best friends here (in New York). On set there's about 100 people so I feel like I'm surrounded Monday to Friday. If I have time just to escape from it all, I try to meditate, I walk my dog or I go for a run."

Panjabi expects to have a more conventional marriage in the future in order to allow her to raise a family one day. She continued to state: "It's something I'd like at a certain time. It's just that moving here has been such a big step, I think I'll probably wait to see what happens with next season."