Arcade Fire are back with a whole heap of new material and album details to share with the ever-loving fans, with the band beginning to slowly leak more and more information about Reflektor over the course of 9 September. First we got the single and video for 'Reflektor,' then the news that Reflektor will be the name of the next album, and most recently we learned that it would be a double album, whilst also being treated to the artwork for the album. Monday was a good day.

Win Butler
Frontman Win Butler will return with his bandmates next month

The Anton Corbijn-directed video for the first track from the album, which features someone with an uncannily similar voice to David Bowie appearing mid-way through, began the torrent of AF album news that flooded newsfeeds across the web yesterday, and soon more and more information about the album was being revealed over the course of the day. The band's online store was updated to feature an album image baring Renaissance sculptor Auguste Rodin's marble imagining of Orpheus and Eurydice, which we asume is the official artwork for the album. The online store where the artwork was found also seemed to reveal that the upcoming fourth release from the Canadian band will be a double album too.

If you head over to the iTunes Store now, the album will be available to pre-order, with iTunes also saying that the album will be a double, consisting of thirteen songs cut to 7 on one disc and 6 on the other. This iTunes update also included the date 29 October, which will be the official release date of the album that may or may not feature David Bowie. One thing we do know about the album however is that it will feature LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, who co-produced and may feature on the album as a guest artist.

Reflektor in more than just an album name it seems too, as the band have been using the name as a guise under which they have performed as recently. The band have already, allegedly, performed as The Reflektors in their native Montreal, and are said to have performed again on Monday (9 Sept.) night at the Montreal salsa club Salsathèque under the same pseudonym. Speaking of live performance, the band will make their return to a TV audience when they feature as the first musical guest on the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Tina Fey. Their appearance will air on 28 September.

More news on the band and their new release as it emerges. (Thanks to Pitchfork for providing much of the information).

Arcade Fire
The band's last album, The Suburbs, was a huge success